Solutions for Human Resources Clients range from very small owner operators with no employee, up to large family owned business groups and a council owned corporation.

Assistance is tailored to what the client wants. Help can range from preparing ‘Human Resources’ and ‘Workplace Health and Safety’ policies and procedures to comply with a client’s minimum contracting requirements up to training your in-hours Human Resources Administration person in HR and WH&S Administration management and Management in Leadership skills.

We are happy to customise a solution to suit your organisation’s culture and the outcomes you seek.

Many busineses have been helped by Solutions for Human Resources.

Organisations range from small to large and anywhere in between:

  • Large Regional Council (990 employees)
  • Large Electrical Contractor (75 employees)
  • Large, Medium & Small Plumbing & Construction Contractors (largest having 80+ employees)
  • Large 4 Star Resort (340 employees) & Island Resort (150 employees)
  • Large and medium sized Licensed Clubs (20; 85; 120; 160 employees); multiple sites & one with a hotel
  • Multiple large Hire equipment Companies (both with multiple worksites)
  • Large and small Medical Practices ( Medical Centres and Dental practices)
  • Medium sized construction firms (14 + 40 employees)
  • Medium sized Marine Transport (Barges & Ferry) business (23 employees)
  • Small water resources statutory organisation (75 employees)
  • Small Airport Corporation (40 employees)
  • Drafting firms (largest with 9 employees)
  • Small Communications/Electronics business (23 employees)
  •  Various small retail businesses
  • Medium sized Medical Practices
  • Large and small Dental Practices
  • Law and Accounting firms
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes
  • Farms (pig and broadacre)
  • Production nursery
  • Large NDIS disability support provider
  • Mechanical Repairs and Roadside Assistance businesses (vehicles, off-road vehicles, motorcycles)
  • Powerline Construction business
  • Clients servicing the Mining sector
  • Engineering and Environmental Scientist consultancy
  • Private Schools
  • School P&C Association
  • Aged Care
  • Financial Services Advisors
  • Road Transport Distribution business
  • Not for Profit organisations
  • and many more

What Our Clients Say