Equipping you with the skills to manage human resources within your own business.

  • Generalist HR Guidance
  • Industrial Relations Support
  • Customised Human Resources System development for your business
  • Position Description development
  • Employee Recruitment and Selection Assistance & System Development
  • Employee Agreements & Letters of Offer development
  • Inductions and Orientation system development (Employee & Contractor)
  • On-line Induction software & set-up
  • Supervisor and Management practical skills training
  • Customised Training Program development
  • Sourcing Training Grant Funding where applicable
  • Training of your Management and HR Administration staff
  • Human Resources Forms development
  • Policies & Procedures development (HR & general)
  • On-line Policies & Procedure system (tracking staff reading and signing off on documents)
  • Workplace Health & Safety – systems to minimise risk
  • WorkCover & Workplace Rehabilition – early return to work strategies
  • Performance Appraisals / Review system & training
  • Employee Warnings, Counselling & Discipline systems & management training
  • Legal Termination of Employment processes and guidance
  • Management of inappropriate behaviour (bullying, harassment and discrimination)
  • Preventative Industrial Relations Best Practice systems
  • Staff morale surveys, advice and guidance on techniques to improve
  • Enhancing Communicaiton within your business
  • Payroll, wages and salary audits in relation to National Award minimums

….. and more, just ask for help!

Work Smarter not Harder, it is the result that counts!