Human Resource Services

Our services, support and training are aimed at equipping you to manage your own HR and WH&S processes confidently and competently yourself.

However, if you are more comfortable or you don’t have the time, we can do this for you.


We can even assist with up-skilling your own Human Resources Officer or Administration person.

Our systems, processes and training are pragmatic solutions that are proven to work.

Work Smarter not Harder, it is the result that counts!

Experienced Human Resource Solutions

Below is an overview of typical HR matters we can assist with.

However, we can do much more – just ask and we can tailor a solution to your business/ industry/ situation.

  • Generalist HR Guidance
  • Industrial Relations Support
  • Customised Human Resources System development for your business
  • Position Description development
  • Employee Recruitment and Selection Assistance & System Development
  • Employee Agreements & Letters of Offer development
  • Inductions and Orientation system development (Employee & Contractor)
  • On-line Induction software & set-up
  • Supervisor and Management practical skills training
  • Customised Training Program development
  • Training of your Management and HR Administration staff
  • Human Resources Forms development
  • Policies & Procedures development (HR, WH&S and general)
  • On-line Policies & Procedure system (pushing out documents to applicable employees/ contractors, tracking reading and signing off on documents and producing reports on non-compliance to add to Warnings/ Performance Appraisal meetings)
  • Workplace Health & Safety – systems to minimise risk
  • WorkCover & Workplace Rehabilition – early return to work strategies
  • Performance Appraisals system (that works and motivates) & training in how to use as a motivational/ coaching tool. System is customisable to your business/ departments/ sections
  • Employee Warnings, Counselling & Discipline systems & management training
  • Legal Termination of Employment processes and guidance
  • Management of inappropriate behaviour (bullying, harassment and discrimination)
  • Preventative Industrial Relations Best Practice systems
  • Staff morale surveys, advice and guidance on techniques to improve
  • Enhancing Communicaiton within your business
  • Payroll, wages and salary audits in relation to National Award minimums
  • Letters of Offer/ Employment Agreements which are Fair Work and Award compliant – customized to your organisation. (ranging from core Award conditions, flat hourly rates, annualized salaries and ‘high income threshold’ solutions)

….. and more, just ask for help!

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