Managing Social Media and Staff

Managing Social Media and Staff

Some businesses successfully use Social Media as a marketing tool. Some organisations even employ a dedicated person who manages the organisation’s public presence on social media.
A large number of employees regularly use their private social media accounts to connect with co-workers, managers and clients. Some businesses also have a Facebook group for staff to ‘chat’ and exchange information.
Social media can be a fantastic tool to keep the team connected, but this can quickly go bad when an aggrieve employee has a ‘dig’ at a co-worker or complaint about the organisation or a management decision.

Employers now need to manage:

  • Aggrieved employees undermining the business brand; and
  • On-line workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination (inappropriate behaviour).

Managers need to address how employees make comments on public forums about the organisation and co-workers, even when comments made on their own time.
Particularly with inappropriate behaviour, if not managed correctly when a complaint is made, the employer can be implicated. Managing Social Media and Staff in a modern world is important for your HR strategy

Does this now mean we should friend all employees and monitor their social media?
No, definitely not. But, it does mean if a complaint is made, a proper investigation should be carried out and appropriate management action should be taken.
Clear expectations on social media should be included into Induction Training and Information Technology/ Social Media policies and procedures.
Avoid ‘knee-jerk’ responses to breaches of social media/ IT policies and procedures.
Before terminating employment due to activity on social media, ensure the behaviour or post:

  • Relates to work;
  • Shows actual intent to damage the business’s reputation;
  • Damages your business reputation or the reputation of another organisation; and or
  • Is in breach of a documented policy and procedure.

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