Motivating Staff through Performance Appraisals

motivating staffMotivating staff to the desired standards can be as simple as spending time with employees in one-on-one Performance Appraisals.

Performance Appraisals can be an excellent Management Tool if they:

  • Are a two-way, honest and open discussion about the employee’s performance;
  • Consider the employee’s personal goals and aspirations as well as those of the organisation;
  • Focus on both positive and negative behaviours and outcomes; and
  • Deal with negative feedback in a way that provides the employee with clear achievable replacement behaviours and standards – done in a ‘coaching’ manner.

Why not start the New Year with one-on-one time with each employee to let them know how they are going in an encouraging conversation? – A Performance Appraisal. Motivating staff has many benefits for your business.

Take the opportunity to give positive and negative feedback in a supportive coaching conversation – employees really appreciate this. You will find employees will start asking for regular performance appraisals.

Make it clear to the team that having a Performance Appraisal is not a ‘bonus’ system. It is a process of giving honest open two-way feedback.
However, whenever individual bonuses are given, it is strongly recommended to conduct a Performance Appraisal with the employee to ensure they clearly link Performance and Rewards.

Why not use the Performance Appraisal discussion to ask the employee if they have experienced or witnessed any inappropriate behaviour like bulling, harassment and discrimination. Management have obligations under the Fair Work Act, Workplace Health and Safety Act and Anti-Discrimination Act to eliminate this behaviour in the workplace. Then of course, document any such discussions and manage issues appropriately.

For new Employees, Performance Appraisals are critical during the Probationary Period. The probationary period is management’s opportunity to review a new employee’s performance and if not up to standard, the employer has the ability to terminate employment much easier than once the probationary period has ended. Why not use probationary periods wisely and regularly assess performance.

If you would like to implement a ‘proven’ Performance Appraisal System of forms, procedures and training of your management team, please contact Solutions for Human Resources. Systems are be customised to each businesses and include strategies on how to ‘sell’ it to employees.

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